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CSTO calls for immediate crisis resolution and respect for Syria’s sovereignty

BISHKEK, 27 May (BelTA) – The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) has called for immediate crisis resolution in Syria and respect for Syria’s sovereignty. The CSTO believes that the crisis should be resolved solely by Syrians, reads a joint statement of the Foreign Ministers of the CSTO issued following a meeting in Bishkek on 27 May.

“The situation in Syria and around Syria is a matter of our serious concern. The CSTO member states call for immediate crisis resolution by Syrians with respect for the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic,” the document reads.

The Foreign Ministers urged to put an end to violence in Syria no matter where this violence comes from. They also suggested an inclusive political dialogue between the government and opposition without any preliminary conditions. The Foreign Ministers also advocate further political and socioeconomic reforms in the interests of all Syrian citizens.

The Foreign Ministers condemned all kinds of terror and violence against civilians in Syria, especially violence on the basis of religion or ethnicity. The Foreign Ministers condemned illegitimate efforts to militarize the Syrian domestic conflict. This pertains to illegal weapons supplies to opposition militants.

The joint statement is in favor of peaceful resolution of the conflict based on the Geneva Communique endorsed by the Action Group for Syria on 30 June 2012 and the Moscow arrangements between Russia and the United States as of 7 May 2013.

“The CSTO member states are concerned about the escalating tensions around Iran. They believe that the military approach to dealing with Iran’s nuclear program is unacceptable,” the document reads. The Foreign Ministers believe that the growing confrontation against the background of general uncertainty in the Middle East and North Africa are fraught with unpredictable ramifications for the entire international community.

In this context, the CSTO member states urge to adopt a most responsible approach and restraint, and to strictly observe the Resolutions of the United Nations Security Council on Iran.

The Foreign Ministers proceed from the unconditional right of every state – signatory to the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons – to develop its nuclear program with comprehensive control by the IAEA.

In this connection, the Foreign Ministers believe that unilateral sanctions against Iran outside the UN Security Council’s Resolutions are counterproductive.