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Foreign Ministry seeks partners for creating Belarus’ image

MINSK, 12 November (BelTA) – The Foreign Ministry is seeking partners to develop interesting content about Belarus, spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry Andrei Savinykh told a press conference held on 12 November to discuss the organization of the 4th international forum “Image of the Republic of Belarus: Advantages and Ways to Succeed”, BelTA has learnt.

“The image of the country has applied significance. The success in selling our goods and services abroad is directly related to how we are being seen and taken. The image of the country is a component element of our export potential both in goods and services. This issue is of great significance to us,” Andrei Savinykh said.

In his words, not only government agencies and organizations but also ordinary citizens are responsible for the image of the country, including their behavior abroad. “It is a difficult situation when all the processes in the society should be harmonized to encourage all the citizens to work for the strengthening of the image of the country. We advocate a practical approach. That is why it is the Foreign Ministry that transformed all its efforts into the development of the relevant information portal “Belarus. Facts”, Andrei Savinykh noted.

In his words, the Foreign Ministry views the portal “Belarus. Facts” as an open platform on which it is ready to invite any private or state-run company, capable of creating interesting positive and attractive content about Belarus at least two languages: Russian and English. In the future it is possible that the most interesting information will be translated into other languages as well. “We are open to cooperation with any stakeholder,” Andrei Savinykh stressed, adding that the ministry, for its part, will act as a mentor and editor of all the materials. “We understand that as a government body we will not be able to deal the task alone. It is a large-scale process which needs unification of efforts on the public-private partnership principles,” he said.

The international forum “Image of the Republic of Belarus: Advantages and Ways to Succeed” will be held on 5-6 December. It is organized by the Strategic Development Center Marketing Systems. The general partner is Horizont Holding Company. Among organizing partners is the Guild of Marketing Managers, Europe Hotel, the Belarusian State Academy of Music, Donarit printing office, SMG-Belarus Advertising Holding Company. The event is organized in assistance with the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, the Foreign Ministry, the Information Ministry, the Economy Ministry, the Trade Ministry and the Culture Ministry of Belarus.