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CSTO Security Council Secretaries Committee adopts counterterrorism statement

MOSCOW, 24 September (BelTA) – The CSTO Security Council Secretaries Committee adopted a counterterrorism statement at the meeting in Sochi on 23 September, BelTA learnt from CSTO spokesman Vladimir Zainetdinov.

We state with concern the growing terrorist activity worldwide, including in the regions close to the CSTO zone, which directly affects security interests of the CSTO member states. An increase in the number of environmentally hazardous plants and facilities, arsenal and ammunition storage facilities, explosive and inflammable components, their placement close to residential areas and vital infrastructure make terrorism a direct threat for every person, regardless of the country and place of his/her residence,” the document says.

Political instability and social and economic degradation are named in the statement as basic factors for terrorism manifestations, which are mainly driven by global players who pursue their political goals discounting historic, cultural and other fundamental features of certain regions. With this in mind, CSTO Security Council Secretaries believe there is a need for consolidation of efforts of the United Nations, regional organizations and countries with an aim at enhancing living standards of people, preventing illegal access to weapons and ammunition, prohibiting calls for violence in mass media. The more will, first of all, help eradicate the reasons of terrorism.

The background for terrorism manifestations is political, social and economic instability, including that brought about by external factors. In this respect we need to consolidate international efforts to deprive terrorists of social support, prevent illegal sales of weapons and ammunition, exclude any calls for violence in mass media and other electronic resources. Penetration of terrorism into the information field, which has a huge impact on security and wellbeing of states and individuals, is another new challenge for us. The developing situation demands from the world community an adequate response which should envisage the elaboration of the relevant rules of conduct for states aimed at the prevention of threats in the information space,” the document runs.

The CSTO Security Council Secretaries called for united efforts of the regional organizations where CSTO member states take part in. The CSTO potential allows for effective measures to fight the present-day challenges and threats using its own resources. The results of the CSTO exercises to fight drugs trafficking Kanal (Canal), illegal migration Nelegal (Illegal), and IT crimes PROXI as well as the interest in them from other countries testify to the fact. With this, taking into account the global character of terrorism threats the document emphasizes readiness for pragmatic cooperation in this area with the UN, regional organizations and other stakeholders.