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Belarus to re-introduce vagrancy as administrative offense term

MINSK (BelTA) – The Soviet term “vagrancy” can be re-introduced in Belarus. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko made the statement at the government conference held on 20 October to discuss employment and migration matters, the press service of the head of state told BelTA.

The Belarusian Interior Ministry has put forth the proposal to amend the Administrative Violations Code in order to introduce responsibility, including forced job placement, for citizens, who have no registered jobs and used to be termed as vagrants or parasites in the past.

Alexander Lukashenko backed the idea. “If you are willing to re-introduce the term ‘vagrancy', go ahead. It will be more understandable for the people. We shouldn't waste anything good that was created in the Soviet times, including the terms,” he said.

“You have to use any means that we have and know how to apply to make these people work! Measures must be taken by 1 January to make everyone work!” stressed the President.

The President remarked that he supported all the relevant proposals voiced by the government.

“Make all the decisions by 1 January, inform the society. Starting 1 January they have to be implemented into practice,” said Alexander Lukashenko. He tasked the Belarus President Administration with controlling the fulfillment of the instruction. The head of state added that the state budget cannot be used for these measures.

Belarusian Interior Minister Igor Shunevich informed about the migration situation in the country and external labor migration trends. The Minister suggested analyzing the demand for labor resources in the regions, determining the enterprises, which are ready to provide housing and salaries to workers, and accumulating the information in territorial employment assistance centers. In his opinion, it is necessary to revise plans of the oblast and district administrations regarding the distribution of the population taking into account the demographic situation and the economic one in the regions.

Alexander Lukashenko pointed out that homes have to be built where workforce is in short supply or where new jobs have to be created. “It is time to stop talking and start doing things!” stressed the head of state.