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Agreement on unified vehicle passports in Eurasian Economic Union in Belarus parliament

MINSK (BelTA) – Members of the Belarusian parliament intend to ratify the agreement on introducing unified vehicle passports in the Eurasian Economic Union during the spring session of the parliament, BelTA learned from Dmitry Kharitonchik, Chairman of the Industry, Fuel and Energy Complex, Transport and Communications Commission of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus.

The MP explained that the bill on ratifying the agreement on introducing unified passports for vehicles (passports of vehicle chassis) and passports for self-propelled vehicles as well as other machines in addition to organizing systems of digital passports is meant to unify the procedures used within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union to issue vehicle passports. The agreement will apply to all kinds of vehicles starting with those that use public roads and ending with special vehicles, provided their engine volume is 50cm3 and more. The agreement will unify laws, thus enabling equal competitive conditions because before the agreement was signed, there had been different requirements regarding the registration procedure and the documents required, said Dmitry Kharitonchik.

In his words, before the agreement was signed, every Eurasian Economic Union member state was free to act on its own to determine the procedure for registering vehicles and specify requirements for vehicle manufacturers. “As a result, our sales in Russia might encounter various technical barriers. Bear in mind that the Russian market is the primary one for Belarus. In order to address those technicalities, the unified conditions will be created to secure the free trade in vehicles inside the Customs Union,” noted the MP.

In accordance with the agreement Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia will switch to unified digital vehicle passports as from 1 July 2015. Armenia is expected to join the three countries later on. The requirements for issuing the passports and the data it has to contain will be determined by the Eurasian Economic Commission.

The MP pointed out that Belarus had been the country to initiate the agreement and the work on the agreement had been going on for quite some time.