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Makei: Most refugees in the world are a result of protracted armed conflicts20 September 2016 Lukashenko wants Russia to decide on future of integration projects20 September 2016 Favorable conditions for selling merchandise promised to Belarusian farmers20 September 2016 IMF mission arrives in Belarus19 September 2016 Belarus President attending 25th CIS Heads of State Council summit16 September 2016 Lukashenko: Economic progress of CIS countries depends on customs integration15 September 2016 Voter turnout in Belarus parliamentary elections at 74.32%12 September 2016 Belarus CEC: Parliamentary elections valid in all 110 constituencies12 September 2016 Peace, prosperity, security named as core values for Belarusians8 September 2016 Belarus president reveals his dream in interview with TASS7 September 2016