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Belarusian-Turkmen agreements to promote two countries' development12 May 2016 Kobyakov: Union State government session will promote Belarus-Russia economic relations12 May 2016 Belarus to offer digital visas in 2016-201712 May 2016 Lukashenko: Belarus' cultural, information space helps promote integration, peace11 May 2016 Lukashenko: Everything necessary to make Belarusian automobiles in one or two years6 May 2016 Lukashenko: Belarus is an island of stability today5 May 2016 Major forum for potential investors in Belarus in September5 May 2016 Vladimir Semashko: Economic development will be the keynote of the fifth All-Belarusian People's Congress4 May 2016 Optimization of Belarus' Investigation Committee nearing completion4 May 2016 Lukashenko meets with Supreme Court Chairman Valentin Sukalo3 May 2016