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Foreign business invited to work in Belarus

MINSK (BelTA) – Foreign business is welcome in Belarus to work, but to work according to the country's rules, President Alexander Lukashenko said at the press conference for the Russian regional mass media on 17 November.

“Everybody should understand that we have certain rules and restrictions here. We are a civilized country, and we will do everything to maintain this standard. We have our interests, which contradict neither Poland and Baltic states nor Ukraine and Russia, all our neighbors. If you are ready to work by our rules, you are welcome,” the head of state said.

The President cited Russia's purchase of Beltransgaz as an example: “I told your President and your Premier that we have a stringent personnel policy. The head of the company should protect the interests of both Russia and Belarus since he works here.”
“We are sometimes criticized for that, but we take it easy. Keeping peace and harmony in the country takes a lot of effort. Order and discipline are a must. We do not have people being seized in the street, thrown to prison and so on. Only those, who do not pay taxes and rob the state, should worry,” Alexander Lukashenko said. The second rule is not to damage the interests of foreign citizens in Belarus.

“Pay taxes and do not interfere with others' affairs. Then you will be able to work here with practically no restrictions. We apply a declarative principle for business registration. We also have very tough requirements for business behavior in order to avoid the emergence of oligarch-style habits. People will not tolerate it,” the President of Belarus stressed.