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Belarus President Administration told to produce new ideas, step up HR work

MINSK (BelTA) – The Belarus President Administration should rethink its work style and should work with human resources more effectively. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko gave the relevant instructions as he received a report from Head of the Belarus President Administration Alexander Kosinets on 10 November, BelTA has learned.

“You owe a lot of work to me with regard to human resources. Top executives for some commercial entities and backbone enterprises have been absent for days and weeks,” said the head of state.

Alexander Lukashenko also gave instructions to drastically change the style and the system of work of the Belarus President Administration as from January 2017. “I am going to want reports from top officials of the Belarus President Administration every quarter and you will have to make sure they are delivered on time. The reports will have to produce some new ideas,” said the head of state. “You will have to produce ideas instead of sliding down. It will be up to me to accept these ideas or not but I want down-to-earth and unbrushed ideas. These ideas should originate from specific people. The head of the administration and his deputies must not brush them up. Otherwise, civil servants will lose all creativity and freedom of action.”

The meeting focused on planning the head of state's work, including with regard to human resources, social and economic development, national security, and international affairs. After the meeting Alexander Kosinets told media: “Bearing these in mind, we've discussed a draft plan for 2017. The plan is quite saturated and takes care of these areas, ideas, and large-scale events that will have to be discussed during government sessions chaired by the head of state to look into the investment policy, the development of agribusiness, radio electronics, and civil engineering. We are also going to discuss the development of sport, education, housing and utility services.”

According to the Head of the Belarus President Administration, the discussions will be accompanied with intensive work, visits to the regions and tours of various companies and enterprises.

The fulfillment of the head of state's earlier instructions concerning the development of the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone, the Lebyazhy residential area in Minsk, the Minsk Mir real estate project, sport development, and preparations for the second European Games was discussed as well.

Alexander Kosinets and Alexander Lukashenko also discussed the fulfillment of social and economic development goals and the development of the regional policy.

Among other things the report touched upon the optimization of the state administration system and human resources. “We have fitting people in virtually all the key positions. It is always necessary to bear in mind the need to employ younger professionals, who can do their job for the sake of developing our country,” stressed Alexander Kosinets.

“We went through rather a large list of candidates, who work now, who run enterprises, organizations, institutions, regions, and industries. Their performance was evaluated primarily by the head of state. We had a look at backup people, who can do these jobs. The President was satisfied with the work the Belarus President Administration does to find reserve personnel, to hire people for vacant positions, to promote promising young people, who will and are already tackling the tasks we assign to them,” added the Head of the Belarus President Administration.

Speaking about the performance and proposals to optimize the state administration system, Alexander Kosinets mentioned three components: the central government, ministries and government agencies; the oblast administrations, district and city administrations; auditing agencies and power-wielding agencies. “The Belarus President Administration submitted optimization proposals with regard to each component for consideration of the head of state,” said Alexander Kosinets.

The official underlined that reducing personnel numbers was not the idea. He said it is necessary to use skill instead of numbers to accomplish assigned tasks.

“Nobody will be hung out to dry. Jobs will be made available. In December the head of state will host a government conference to address all these matters. We will get down to optimization work as from 1 January. Nobody will be wronged. Everyone will keep quite good jobs while civil servants will have twice as much energy to accomplish their assigned tasks. Motivation and service prestige will be secured. The changes will produce an effective result for the sake of building a strong and prosperous Belarus,” concluded Alexander Kosinets.