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Belarus president wants effective work instead of talks about reforms

MINSK (BelTA) – Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko urges to stop talking about the need for reforms and focus on effective work and fulfillment of the tasks that have been set out. “Without order and discipline, especially now, we will not be able to make progress. We need to stop talking about some reforms. We need to work with what we have. Reforming means improving. When you see that something is not right and can be made better, please make it better. But do not ruin anything,” Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said when appointing the heads of the local authorities, BelTA has learned.

“At a time of crisis, we need to focus on what we have. Enterprises should work. Stop thinking that we should split, divide, and privatize, and all will be fine. It will not be fine if we do not work efficiently,” he said.

“Everyone needs to work and perform his work duties in an efficient manner,” Alexander Lukashenko said.