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Legislation to improve business operation terms in Belarus up for public discussion

MINSK (BelTA) – A package of regulations meant to improve business operation terms in Belarus is now available for public discussion. The documents were made available by the National legal information website law.by where anyone can peruse them, BelTA has learned.

The package includes a draft ordinance and several draft presidential decrees. Deputy Head of the Belarus President Administration Valery Mitskevich explained that the documents are primarily meant to simplify business startup and business operation. For instance, in order to open a cafe, the entrepreneur will only have to notify the municipal authorities about the intention. However, the entrepreneur undertakes to observe all the regulations. The number of regulations is supposed to be minimized in accordance with instructions given by the head of state.

Valery Mitskevich said that the documents made available for public discussion provide for cancelling all the effective fire hazard and sanitary regulations while a minimal number of new regulations in these spheres will be adopted by the presidential decree. The list will be limited only to essential requirements. The rest will be described as recommendations.

One of the documents in the package regulates control and auditing practices. It provides for greatly reducing the number of audits. In particular, regular audits will be totally scrapped. “Only unplanned audits triggered by specific criteria will stay in place,” said Valery Mitskevich. In his words, it will allow ruling out audits organized using far-fetched reasons.

There are also plans to introduce tax consultants in Belarus as kind of a mediator between the private sector and the tax service. The institution is supposed to free private companies from the need to understand every nuance of Belarusian taxation laws. Instead Belarusian businessmen will only have to submit correct data to the tax consultants, who will be responsible for paying the taxes in full and correctly and will bear the responsibility for failures to do so.

While requirements will be simplified and specified, the responsibility of Belarusian business owners for observing these requirements will be stepped up.

The documents will be available for public discussion for one month. All the proposals will be considered as part of the polishing process. The head of state will get a refreshed copy of the documents afterwards. The private sector and individuals are asked to come up with concrete proposals aimed at liberating business initiatives.