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Belarusian people named as main participants of Big Conversation with President

MINSK (BelTA) – Ordinary people are the main participants of the Big Conversation with the President, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said at the meeting with the members of the public, representatives of the Belarusian and foreign mass media on 3 February, BelTA informs.

“This meeting is held in a rather unusual format for many people. This is not a press conference, not an interview. The form of our today's conversation is dictated by life itself: we cannot do without dialogue today and especially tomorrow,” Alexander Lukashenko stressed. “There are journalists and the members of the public in this hall. Of course, ordinary people will be the main participants of the event. I suggest discussing all the issues of concern for you, your relatives and friends.”

The President emphasized that at the today's meeting he would like to discuss the problems concerning the Belarusian people. “There are no closed topics. You can ask any questions and express your opinions in an open and forthright way,” the head of state said.