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Lukashenko holds session to discuss creation of public security monitoring system

MINSK (BelTA) – The participants of the government session held by Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko on 27 March discuss the creation of the public security monitoring system in Belarus, BelTA has learned.

“A draft decree has been submitted to me. It envisages the creation of the public security monitoring system in Belarus. Such systems exist in many countries and have already proved their efficiency. Obviously, the introduction of automated processes for the detection of various threatening events, the analysis of the incoming information will help improve public order,” the head of state said.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, it will also give an opportunity to release many workers and resources involved in these fields. “It means that the structure of certain government bodies will be optimized. And the process of optimization is underway,” the President said.

“However, I would like to discuss a number of issues with you in detail before making decisions on the decree. We already have a video surveillance system, a telecommunications network, corresponding equipment,” the head of state emphasized. “Then a few questions arise. Does this system lack anything? What additional opportunities will we get after the introduction of the new system? Why cannot this system be created under the aegis of a government body which will become the owner of a corresponding information resource? I do not think (or maybe you will provide additional arguments in favor of your proposal) that all this should be given to a private operator.”

Alexander Lukashenko gave an instruction to inform him about the costs of creating this technical complex for the state.

“It is not only essential to modernize the existing system. This system should be upgraded to a modern level to yield maximum results. The recent events show that this system would be very useful for us. But we will make this decision after the today's discussion,” the President remarked.

According to Belarus' Interior Minister Igor Shunevich, the abovementioned draft decree has been harmonized with all interested bodies. The document determines the legal framework for the creation of the public security monitoring system in the country. This system will include the video surveillance system, special sensors (detectors of smoke, fire, explosives, drugs, radioactive materials, thermal viewers, etc.), single telecom channels, a software platform of the monitoring system.