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Lukashenko urges to finish harvest campaign in Belarus by 7 November

MINSK October (BelTA) – The harvest campaign should be finished in Belarus by 7 November, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said as heard out a report on the measures taken to finish the harvest campaing in the country and the proposals to improve the cultivated land structure in Vitebsk Oblast on 23 October, BelTA has learned.

The head of state asked about the topical aspects of agricultural development in the country and suggested taking a broader look at this issue. “This is important not only in production but also in people's lives, i.e. in the social aspect,” Alexander Lukashenko explained.

He paid special attention to need to finish the harvest campaign. It was remarked that in general it proceeds on schedule but it is essential to speed up in certain fields. “I want this job to be done by 7 November,” the president said.

The next stage should be the preparations for the spring sowing campaign. The future harvest will depend on its efficiency, Alexander Lukashenko remarked. “Right now the work in this field is not organized well,” he said. “It is essential to start preparing the land today.”