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Lukashenko: Kupalovskoye should mark new milestone for Belarus' agricultural industry22 June 2018 Lukashenko praises Hahn's role in Belarus-EU rapprochement21 June 2018 Belarus, Russia reiterate readiness for compromises in addressing disputes20 June 2018 Lukashenko, Putin hold meeting at Palace of Independence19 June 2018 Minsk to host Union State Supreme State Council meeting19 June 2018 Upper chamber of Belarusian parliament to work out regional policy proposals18 June 2018 Dozens of new projects added to Belarusian government innovative development program15 June 2018 Belarus prime minister urges to hit this year's social, economic development targets13 June 2018 Lukashenko suggests giving powerful impetus to Belarus-India economic contacts13 June 2018 Lukashenko: Belarus will be strong if China is strong11 June 2018