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Belarus approves resolution on agreement on cooperation with Lithuania in ICT

The resolution No. 120 as of 22 February 2013 of the Government of the Republic of Belarus approved the Agreement with the Government of Lithuania "On cooperation in the field of information and communication technologies and in the development of the information society".

The agreement was signed in Vilnius on 23 November 2012. The Foreign Ministry was instructed to send a notification about Belarus' fulfillment of the domestic procedures required for this agreement to come into force.

The document stipulates that Belarus and Lithuania undertake necessary measures to share experience in the field of ICT regulation, to cooperate in the development of e-government and the use of electronic digital signature, contribute to the development of the information society, and promote investment in IT-technologies. In addition, the two governments intend to encourage the establishment of joint ventures, to conduct training courses, seminars, conferences, forums and exhibitions, and promote scientific research and exchange of experts.