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Belarus and Lithuania sign 12 documents on regional cooperation

Twelve memorandums of understanding on cooperation with seven regions of Belarus were signed at the 2nd Belarusian-Lithuanian Forum on Regional Cooperation in Druskininkai and Alytus on 28-29 May.The documents signed regulate issues in the agrarian sector, construction, the production of outsize concrete structures, small and medium energy, railroad services, agro-ecotourism and the supply of Belarusian industrial goods to Lithuania.

The economic forum was attended by representatives of all regions of Belarus and the city of Minsk, and all regions of Lithuania. The guests from Belarus visited the best facilities of the Lithuanian agro-industrial complex in the town of Prienai, educational and healthcare institutions, and recreation and entertainment facilities in Alytus and Druskininkai.

The breakout sessions focused on the issues of regional cooperation as the basis of the Belarusian-Lithuanian economic cooperation (industry, agriculture, services), cooperation in the humanitarian field and tourism.