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Lukashenko signed edict on electronic document circulation

According to the Edict of the President of the Republic of Belarus of 15 June 2015 No. 234, adopted with a view of regulating the system of document circulation, from 1 January 2016 normative legal acts subject to obligatory legal examination should be submitted to the National Center of Legal Information (NCLI) either in hard copy  or in electronic form, and from 1 January 2017 – only in electronic form with digital signature.

The Edict establishes the responsible bodies for submission of each category of legal acts and specifies the formation process of databanks of legal acts within Information Retrieval System “ETALON”.

The Edict was officially published in Russian on the National Legal Internet Portal of the Republic of Belarus on 17 June 2015 and its main provisions enter into force after its official publication.