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Constitutional Court issued ruling concerning legal regulation in civil law of the use and protection of the citizen's image

According to the Decision of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Belarus of 30 October 2018 No. Р-1145/2018, the appearance of a person belonging to him from birth, as well as the right to depict a citizen based thereon is one of the immaterial goods protected by the Constitution. The Constitutional Court concluded that there is a legal defect in the current legislative regulation due to the absence in the civil legislation of a proper legal mechanism for the use and protection of the image of a citizen. Therefore the Court has considered necessary that the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus shall prepare appropriate amendments into the Civil Code of the Republic Belarus in order to ensure the constitutional principle of the rule of law, protection of anyone from unlawful interference with his personal life, elimination of legal uncertainty in the legal regulation of the use and protection of the citizen’s image in civil legislation.

The Decision was officially published in Russian on the National Legal Internet Portal of the Republic of Belarus on 3 November 2018 and entered into force from the day of its adoption.