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Lukashenko visits Minsk City Clinical Hospital No. 6

MINSK (BelTA) – Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko is visiting Minsk City Clinical Hospital No. 6, BelTA has learned.

Igor Yurkevich, the chief physician of the hospital, reported to Aleksandr Lukashenko that more than a thousand employees are providing medical care to patients with coronavirus. Since the beginning of the epidemic, the hospital have treated 5,500 people with COVID-19. Now there are 767 patients in the hospital, 28 of them are in intensive care.

The average salary in the hospital in October exceeded Br2,200. The average salary of doctors is more than Br3,300, that of the mid-level medical staff – Br2,400, and other employees – Br1,036. "Doctors working in the ICU get about Br7,000-9,000,” stressed Igor Yurkevich. “People have grown used to the good salary and are happy to work. Young specialists have purchased apartments thanks to these allowances."

“This work is of paramount importance. If a person works in the red zone, he or she needs to get a high salary,” the president said.

After hearing out the reports, Aleksandr Lukashenko went to the unit with coronavirus patients. The head of state is also expected to get familiar with the transfusiology center of the hospital. Here, the head of state was told how the blood donation process is organized. According to specialists, the hospital receives 120-150 blood, plasma and platelet donors a day. “Every donor is examined for the number of antibodies,” the president was told.

Among the blood donors there was also a doctor. “She needs to treat people, and you take her blood as well,” Aleksandr Lukashenko joked.

Hospital No.6 is one of the leading healthcare institutions in Minsk. The hospital is a multi-profile institution with a capacity of 950 beds. Medical assistance is provided in the therapeutic, surgical, traumatological, orthopedic, and gynecological units of the hospital.

The hospital includes the transfusiology center, the Minsk center of traumatology and orthopedics, the hand surgery center, the center of osteomyelitis, and the endoscopic center of the Partizansky residential area.