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Andreichenko: Strong power is necessary for the country's peaceful life

MINSK (BelTA) - Strong power is necessary for the peaceful and calm life of the country, Chairman of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus Vladimir Andreichenko said in an interview to the SB. Belarus Segodnya newspaper, BelTA has learned.

“Nothing can be more important. Without it there can be neither stability, nor development, nor just a normal human existence. Therefore, peace, law and order in society are the state value, the number one issue for the president and all branches of government. The August 2020 events showed that we need to strengthen legislative regulations in respect to all sides of the political, social and economic life of society, to improve our legal system in the context of external and internal threats to the sovereignty and independence of the state. A lot of work has already been done, taking into account international law. A large package of legislative acts strengthening the national security was adopted at the parliament's fifth session. They meet the demand of society for the prevention and suppression of anti-social actions and attempts to destabilize the social and political situation in the country,” the speaker said.

According to Vladimir Andreichenko, there is a strong need for protecting and strengthening the Belarusian statehood today. “The role of law and lawmaking increases in this regard. We will respond to threats and challenges in a proportionate way, ensuring through legislation the safety of the country and its citizens. By adopting laws the parliament will follow the way for the country to live peacefully, work effectively and develop steadily,” said the speaker of the lower chamber of the parliament.

Speaking about the post-election events and the failure of the plans of the opponents of the government, he stressed that the radicals were and are in fact left alone with their ambitions, without public support for their destructive goals.

“Radicalism has never been supported by the Belarusian people. Its ideology mixed up with greed and cynicism could not be perceived by the absolute majority of citizens, as they have absolutely different worldviews: peace, stability, order, and patriotism. This is the first point. Second, the authorities did not let the state to be separated from the people, prevented the power vertical from disintegrating and diluting consolidated support for the state system, which is what our ill-wishers were focused on. The third point is no less important - the need of the society in strong, responsible power, realized by the president. People saw the state's ability to suppress street riots, protect law-abiding citizens from criminal assaults, and ensure public safety. It is clear that life in the country has returned to normal. People have gained confidence in the future, despite the hybrid sanctions of the so-called collective West. This is very important. Political upheavals have been rejected by society as unacceptable,” Vladimir Andreichenko said.

According to the speaker, the opposition's actions and appeals lack the main thing - political responsibility. “Look at those self-exiled. What has an unlimited freedom to kick Belarus turned out to be for them in the West? Empty and aggressive talk, without realizing their responsibility to the Belarusian people. Turning away from political realities, they have not understood that the absolute majority of the people in our country do not need any storms. Devoting themselves to discrediting the Belarusian state, the radicals have discredited themselves and ended up in a dead end,” said Vladimir Andreichenko.