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Belarus' constitutional amendments upheld by 82.86 % of voters

MINSK ( BelTA) – Some 82.86 % of Belarusians who came to the polls voted in favor of the constitutional amendments, Chairman of the Central Election Commission Igor Karpenko told reporters, BelTA has learned.

“The constitutional referendum was held on 27 February in line with the presidential decree. Voters saw only one question in the ballot paper: do you accept amendments and additions to the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus? Voters were asked to vote ‘for' or ‘against'. Early voting took place on 22-26 February. Every citizen who was not able to come to the polls on the election day could vote early. The early voting turnout was 42.93 %,” Igor Karpenko said.

A total of 5,510 polling stations were set up in Belarus, including 229 polling places in sanatoriums and health resorts, hospitals and other healthcare facilities providing inpatient medical care, in military units.

“The total number of people on the electoral register was 6,815,667; of them 5,359,471 or 78.63 % went to the polls, that is, more than half of the citizens included in voting lists. Thus, the nationwide referendum was declared valid. A total of 4,440,813 people (82,86 %) voted in favor of the constitutional amendments, which is 65.16 % of citizens on the electoral register. A total of 686,165 people (12.8 %) did not support the proposal to amend the country's fundamental law, which is 10.07 % of eligible voters,” Igor Karpenko said.

He added: “On 3 March, the commission is set to convene and sum up the final outcomes of the referendum. Lower-level commissions are now submitting protocols to the CEC.”