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Belarus President Administration head urges discipline, organization at all levels

SOLIGORSK ( BelTA) – The development of the state depends on discipline and proper organization at all levels. Head of the Belarus President Administration Igor Sergeyenko made the statement after participating in a session of the Soligorsk District Executive Committee, BelTA has learned.

According to Igor Sergeyenko, participants of the session discussed the observance of discipline in the broad sense of the word. “Because today the development of our state depends on discipline, organization at all levels (executives, worker collectives, and every person doing their jobs). In conditions of sanctions, emerging challenges and new threats, information warfare the serious component of any result depends on discipline and unity,” he stressed.

The key topic on the session's agenda was the realization of requirements of Belarus President Ordinance No.1 “On measures to reinforce public security and discipline” of 11 March 2004 and the state of the work meant to prevent human deaths from external causes. Current trends concerning people's traumas and deaths were discussed in detail as well as various measures being taken to reduce the number of such facts. Participants of the session looked into the prevention of traffic accidents and resulting people's deaths, workplace injuries, deaths in fires, in bodies of water, deaths from criminal activities, deaths due to intoxication and abuse of narcotic substances and alcohol.

“What citizens themselves should do is the question now. By the way, social responsibility measures are reflected by the updated Constitution. This is why the new laws and regulations that will follow the Constitution will also have to stipulate responsibility of our citizens to observe specific norms, which affect both discipline and safety,” Igor Sergeyenko noted.