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Lukashenko confident in Belarus' bright future

VETKA ( BelTA) – I urge you not to look for excuses and some objective reasons for certain drawbacks in the work, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said at a conference with Gomel Oblast officials, BelTA has learned.

"The main thing is not to look for reasons. Just don't. There are no objective reasons. Everyone is struggling today. But if we muddle through this crisis, we will be completely different and take our ‘place of honor' in the world," the Belarusian leader stressed.

Aleksandr Lukashenko urged to forget about sanctions. “We must work harder. Motivate people. It is good if city or regional authorities manage to get good sales or export deals. What we need to control is prices," he said.

Head of the Belarus President Property Management Directorate, Commissioner for Gomel Oblast Yuri Nazarov was among the speakers at the meeting. He spoke about the decisions taken to prevent the outflow of qualified personnel, the cases of formalism in working with personnel and lack of discipline. He suggested solving personnel issues not only with the use of administrative resources, but by motivating people. Among the incentives are salary, housing, and the quality of medical care. Work in this direction is underway, but there is still a lot of work to do.

Issues of both executive and technological discipline are under special control.

“The region has ambitious plans for 2023. There are necessary resources. We just need to discipline. On the whole, the economy showed positive trends in Q1 2023. Yes, it was thanks to the industrial complex. The index of industrial production in the first quarter was 104.4 %. Net profit received by organizations in the region over the two months increased 2.6 times compared to the same period last year. The number of loss-making organizations decreased from 122 to 94. The amount of net losses decreased by 5.2 times. The share of unprofitable organizations in the region is the lowest among the regions of the country. The contribution of the region's industrial sector to the country's economy is almost 20 % and is one of the highest among the regions. Thus, in my opinion, the work carried out by the region's leadership, the implementation of the head of state's instructions and the preliminary results of the beginning of the year show cautious optimism. I am sure that this key year that you have outlined for the region's leadership will yield results. We have almost everything for this,” Yuri Nazarov said.

“Yuri Viktorovich, this is a key year for you, too. So is for the president's aide,” Aleksandr Lukashenko warned. He noted that all the requests had been fulfilled, and the personnel issues had been solved at his level. Now everything is in the hands of the governor, the commissioner for the region and president's aide.

The president asked what Yuri Nazarov considered the main problems in the region. “The most important problem is the lack of discipline,” the official replied.

“Pure lack of discipline. Probably we have become less demanding somewhere,” Yuri Nazarov said.

The second problem in the agro-industrial complex is somehow related to the first one. This is poor provision with fodders in some farms, although conditions for fodders preparation were quite good. This, of course, affects the productivity in livestock farming.