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Lukashenko to university graduates: We will hold our country in our hands together

MINSK ( BelTA) – Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko took part in a national gala for graduates of higher education institutions on 23 June, BelTA has learned.

Aleksandr Lukashenko told the graduates: “Dear friends! Good evening! Allow me to greet you and congratulate you on a great celebration in your life as I meet with new people in a new format in the center of our capital city for the first time. It is a unique celebration that will never be repeated. On my way here I thought there would be exceptional atmosphere here. And you create this atmosphere with your youth and beauty. How can it be any other way? Your euphoria today is easy to understand. Intensive years of studying, all kinds of exams, and sleepless nights are behind you. I mean sleepless nights you've spent studying. Tomorrow you will start a new life. This is why rejoice today and go towards new accomplishments tomorrow. You will teach and educate, cure, build, develop technologies, create works of art and many other things. You will safeguard peace and ensure national security.”

The president went on saying: “It is also a serious moment because a piece of our Motherland will be in your hands, in the hands of every young graduate, every young person as from tomorrow. And together we will hold our country, our Motherlands in our hands. As I've already told awardees this morning: look, it is your responsibility already. Don't throw away your land. You will not be given another one. Wherever you may be, wherever you may study later on, wherever you may work. It is yours. Don't give away yours to anyone.”

The head of state noted that the graduates will soon leave the city and travel to various parts of Belarus in order to take their first jobs. And the smaller the part of the country will be, the more noticeable the young professionals will be, the larger their contribution to the history of the native country will be, Aleksandr Lukashenko stated. “Of our cozy, beautiful and clean Belarus that we all love without a doubt,” he stressed.