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Belarusian military is the key factor to dissuade foreign aggression

MINSK, 23 February (BelTA) – The professionalism of the Belarusian military is the key factor that dissuades foreign aggression, said President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on 23 February at the reception held for top-ranking officers of the army and law enforcement agencies.

23 February is the Fatherland Defenders and Armed Forces Day in Belarus. The head of state underlined that it is one of the most respected holidays of the Belarusian people.

“An overwhelming majority of Belarusian men have been tutored by the army. They learned weapons and tactics not from computer games or action movies. Many of them have taken part in wars and local conflicts. Belarusian soldiers have always been defenders and liberators. They have shown an example of valor, tenacity, and bravery,” stressed Alexander Lukashenko.

The President remarked that luckily Belarusian troops take part only in exercises but the Belarusian army is in every way a combat-effective one. It is the professionalism of the Belarusian military that is the key factor of strategic dissuasion of foreign aggression.

Alexander Lukashenko remarked that results of the last year’s military exercises, including the Belarusian-Russian exercise Union Shield, the examination of the readiness of rapid response and territorial defense forces demonstrate the capability and preparedness of the Belarusian army and other power-wielding bodies to effectively fulfill their tasks.

According to the head of state, the fact confirms that the way chosen to ensure security is the right one. “The high level of patriotism of Belarusian citizens is the core of the defensive capacity of our Fatherland,” believes the President.