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Lukashenko promises punishment for Swedish aircraft flyby culprits

MINSK, 26 July (BelTA) – Those found guilty of the incident involving a Swedish aircraft flying over Belarus will be punished, said President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at the government session held on 26 July to discuss the progress in bringing the Belarusian army and the State Border Committee into compliance with modern requirements.

“How can you explain the provocation involving a single-engine aircraft that crossed the Belarusian border with impunity? Safety of our citizens is the primary concern. Moreover, the aircraft was detected in advance. Why wasn’t it stopped? Who took pity on it? Was it errors performed by individuals or errors in the very air border defense system? I would like to hear answers to these questions,” said the head of state.

“I would like to honestly and sincerely tell those, who are very interested in the matter, and those, who are present here: the perpetrators must be made responsible,” stated Alexander Lukashenko. “As you can see I didn’t rush to make decisions. You wanted to investigate the matter thoroughly. As far as I can see now, it has been investigated and the guilty ones should bear responsibility. On Monday at the latest I will make decisions, including personnel decisions”.

The President stressed the situation was not an emergency, however, there are some things he was concerned about: “Crime rate is on the rise, including corruption crimes, corruption crimes in the same border service, which is inadmissible”.

“The measures we will take should consistently enhance the national security system and ensure adequate prompt response to any challenges and threats whatever their source may be,” added Alexander Lukashenko.