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Lukashenko wants cattle farms built, rebuilt cheaply

CHERVEN DISTRICT, 4 May (BelTA) – The construction and reconstruction of cattle farms should be as cheap as possible, said President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko as he visited Cherven District, Minsk Oblast on 4 May.

Speaking about the construction of new dairy farms and the retooling of existing ones, the head of state made it clear: “We don’t need farms for an average price. We need the cheapest ones”.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, the key task now is to promptly remove cattle, particularly milk cattle, from premises that lag behind modern requirements for the sake of improving the health state of cattle and the quality of milk. Alexander Lukashenko remarked that it had been generally acknowledged that Belarusian standards for dairy products are above European ones.

With this in mind the Belarusian head of state believes that some intermediate variant in building and remodeling dairy farms is an option. “It doesn’t mean we will build makeshift farms. And do cut down on showing off,” demanded Alexander Lukashenko. He remarked it was also necessary to properly organize livestock management.

The President was informed about the progress in fulfilling his instructions to rebuild and retool cattle farms. According to Acting Agriculture and Food Minister Leonid Marinich, they had compared the cost of different projects for building dairy farms using various materials, including wood and ferrous concrete. The cost of every step in construction, the cost of materials and equipment had been calculated. The emerging dairy farm of Agro-Box Zootech, an affiliate of the joint venture Unibox OOO, that the head of state has visited had been compared to. Leonid Marinich explained that the customer can choose the cheapest components from every project.

“I don’t mind. Any democracy is acceptable. But if some things are more expensive while the quantity is the same, you will be held responsible,” Alexander Lukashenko warned civil servants.

In turn, Director General of the joint venture Unibox OOO Sergei Rusak informed Alexander Lukashenko about ways to make the construction of new farms cheaper. “The farm is a very good one. Price is the only question. If the price is acceptable, repeat [the project] without changes,” the head of state told Minsk Oblast governor Boris Batura.

In turn, Boris Batura informed the head of state there are plans to rebuild 324 dairy farms and build 44 new ones in the oblast. These measures will considerably increase the number of cattle and the merchandise output.

Visiting the dairy farm Chernova, Alexander Lukashenko got familiar with the technology to make milk in new premises that had been built using modern Belarusian technologies.

The head of state was also informed about the progress of the spring sowing campaign in Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko demanded to expedite things because the progress had been delayed in some areas by unfavorable weather. Once again the President pointed out fertilizers must be stored properly. In his words, he noticed mismanagement cases as he flew over some areas in his helicopter.