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UN role in international cooperation praised

MINSK, 24 October (BelTA) – The United Nations Organization undoubtedly occupies the central place in the global architecture of international cooperation. However, in reality the UN role is far from an ideal effective world government. The opinion was voiced by Mr Yuri Ambrazevich, Head of the Central Office for Multilateral Diplomacy of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry. The international community marks the 67th anniversary of the UN foundation on 24 October 2012, BelTA has learned.

Yuri Ambrazevich said it is difficult to assess whether the UN handles international challenges better than it did, for instance, in the 1980s. “It is important to understand that the UN has always been part of the international system, which role and functions are determined by the current geopolitical reality. It is incorrect to say that the UN concept worked in the 20th century and it does not now and the United Nations Organization has to be scrapped. It is obvious for us that the entire international community fails to handle the present challenges. Yes, the UN state is far from the ideal one. But it is not this organization that has to be blamed for it,” believes Yuri Ambrazevich.

In his words, at present individual global players, who aim for world supremacy, more often than not achieve their interests by bypassing the UN. “However, even powers that be cannot do without the UN. Therefore, they are putting consistent efforts into subjugating the UN to their will, including by changing the organization’s funding procedure. The lion’s share of contributions to the UN is now earmarked for specific goals. The donators want the money used for concrete goals in concrete conditions. If the conditions are not met, no money is allocated. As a result, many developing nations cast their votes in the UN the way the international aid donors tell them to,” stressed Yuri Ambrazevich.