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Early voting starts in Belarus

MINSK, 18 September (BelTA) – Early voting at the elections to the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus of the fifth convocation kicked off in Belarus on 18 September, BelTA has learnt.

Voters who wish to vote early have time to do it from 10h00 to 19h00 with a break from 14h00 to 16h00 until 22 September inclusive.

Early voting will be held at the presence of at least two members of the district commission. In order to receive a ballot paper a voter should present a passport, a driving license or other identification papers such as military service record card, a certificate of employment, a pension certificate or a student identity card if there is a photo in it, a certificate from the interior bodies for the citizens who have lost their passports.

Voters fill in the ballot paper themselves by putting any sign next to the name of the candidate they are rooting for. If a voter votes against all the candidates, he/she puts a sign next to the phrase “Against all the candidates”.

If they are unable to vote due to poor health, they can entrust it to another person except for members of the election commissions, candidates and their proxies.

Early voting will be held at 6,037 polling stations of the country as well as at 39 polling stations at the Belarusian military units and 43 polling stations abroad.

Early voting is not allowed at 268 polling stations in sanatoriums, holiday houses, hospitals and other medical establishments. People there will be able to vote only on the election day, 23 September.