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Minsk Oblast Governor dismissed

BORISOV, 8 November (BelTA) – Boris Batura was dismissed from the position of Minsk Oblast Governor and appointed Director of OAO Borisovdrev. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko made this decision as he visited OAO Borisovdrev, BelTA has learnt.

“Boris Batura should be dismissed from his post and sent here to work. If he does not turn up to work within three days, criminal charges will be filed against him,” the head of state said. He also demanded that Chairman of Bellesbumprom Concern Alexander Pereslavtsev should be sent to Borisov to assist Boris Batura. “He will be dismissed from his post and sent to work here,” the President added.

The head of state made these decisions as he toured OAO Borisovdrev. A year ago the President gave instructions to complete the modernization of the company by 7 November 2013. When the President arrived at the company this year, he departed from the planned itinerary and decided to see the company’s shop floors and saw flagrant mismanagement. Despite the promises, the modernization made little headway, although there were no reasons for the delays. As a result, the public funds went down the drain.

Alexander Lukashenko wanted tough punishment for those who were responsible for the modernization failure. First of all, it is Director General of the Construction Trust No. 21 Nikolai Busalov who supervised the construction works at the company: “He should make a written undertaking not to leave the town. He is dismissed from his office today. If he dares leave Borisov, he will be jailed. Criminal charges should be filed against him using the evidence of the State Control Committee, and an investigation should be started,” the head of state said. The same way the President ordered to deal with those who broke environmental laws – the company’s premises were cluttered with unsorted production waste. The bank of the water reservoir located near the plant is in a disastrous condition. “Sort it out with the sanitary service. Do it yourself! Do not wait until someone else will do it for you,” the President said addressing Chairman of the State Control Committee of Belarus Alexander Yakobson.

The head of state was also unhappy with the design engineers. He ordered to look into the situation. “The head of the design organization will be treated the same way as the head of the construction company: he should not be allowed to leave the town and should face criminal charges,” the Belarusian leader said.

“If you get the slightest evidence against the chairman of the concern, against Batura, Semashko [First Deputy Premier Vladimir Semashko – BelTA’s note], criminal charges should be filed against them immediately,” Alexander Lukashenko said.

The President ordered Minister of Architecture and Construction Anatoly Cherny to fix the issue: “Get down to work. This is your construction company. You are not held accountable only because you were appointed [minister – BelTA’s note] not so long ago. Make sure there is perfect order here. You know what do to.”