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Ecuador invites Belarus to cooperate in mechanical engineering, pharmaceutics

MINSK, 31 October (BelTA) - Ecuador offers Belarus cooperation in mechanical engineering and pharmaceutics, Carlos Lema, Director of Ecuador Trade Mission in Russia, said prior to the presentation of Belarus’ business and investment opportunities for the business delegation of Ecuador, BelTA learned.

We export bananas, seafood, flowers, coffee, and cocoa to Belarus. Belarus, in turn, is a supplier of many commodities essential for us such as metals, fertilizers, tractors. We are interested in good and quality products that Belarus can supply,” said Carlos Lema.

In addition to trade cooperation, Ecuadorian businessmen are considering other options for bolstering ties with Belarusian companies. In particular, the possibility of establishing joint ventures in mechanical engineering is in the works. "We are ready to do it," said Carlos Lema.

Another area of interest for Ecuador is the pharmaceutical industry. "We import medicines. Knowing that Belarus has the experience and potential in the pharmaceutical industry, we are interested in cooperation in this field.
If we could establish joint production in Ecuador or in Belarus, that would be great
,” said Carlos Lema. He expressed confidence that the visit of the President of Ecuador to Belarus will be an important step towards bosltering good relations between the countries.

Vladimir Ulakhovich, Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), stressed that Belarus is an open economy: "In terms of the index of export-oriented economy Belarus ranks one of the first in the world. Therefore any regions, even the most distant ones, where we can promote our products, are always our partners.”

In his view, Belarus and Ecuador can develop cooperation in various fields. "We have good opportunities on the Ecuadorian market. Ecuador aims to develop agricultural regions, infrastructure, and Belarus can offer its services, equipment, technology, including in mineral deposits development in Ecuador,” Vladimir Ulakhovich said.

"Belarus can also cooperate with Ecuador in the development of urban infrastructure. Belkommunmash is discussing a contract for the supply of its trolleybuses to Ecuador. In addition, Belorusneft opened an office in Ecuador. This company can offer a range of technological solutions in mineral deposit development, processing,” said Vladimir Ulakhovich.

The Belarusian side intends to offer Ecuadorian companies to discuss the ways of developing trade relations without mediators. "This is one of the main points that can provide competitive prices and quality products," said Vladimir Ulakhovich.

Latin America is an interesting market for Belarus. Our technology and products may find customers there. We are preparing visits of Belarusian businessmen to Peru, Mexico and Cuba. We need to work where we see an interest and opportunity,” summed up Vladimir Ulakhovich.

An Ecuadorian business delegation is in Belarus as part of the official visit of the President of the Republic of Ecuador. The delegation includes representatives of major logistics companies, flower sellers, manufacturers of equipment for the energy industry, sombrero, jewelry and art objects, medicines, coffee, tea, seafood, agriculture products, ethereal oils and other products, and also representatives of the tourist industry. The presentation of Belarus’ business and investment opportunities involves representatives of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Pro Ecuador export promotion agency, Ecuador’s Trade Mission in Russia, and Belarus’ National Agency for Investment and Privatization and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.