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Lemeshenok: New rules for online media will take root within a year

MINSK (BelTA) – The new rules for online media in Belarus will take root within a year after the amendments to the Law on Mass Media come into effect, Chairman of the Belarusian Union of Journalists Anatoly Lemeshenok told BelTA.

The amendments to the Law on Mass Media are designed, among other things, to regulate the work of information resources. “I think that it will happen very soon. Within the next year the issue will be removed from the agenda. The new rules will be followed both by those who are pleased and those who are displeased with them,” he believes.

Anatoly Lemeshenok noted that any, even the most alternative opinion, can be presented in a calm and sensible way. “A journalist should always be able to get through to people with his/her message. This is the essence and the advantage of our profession. There will always be displeased people. It is okay, this is life. We do not have to agree all the time. On the other hand, any disputes should be held in a positive way,” he noted. Anatoly Lemeshenok added that this humanistic approach is at the very heart of journalism.

BelTA informed earlier that the amendments to the Law on Mass Media passed the first and second readings at the House of Representatives. In line with the amendments, the Law on Mass Media will apply to online information resources and their parts (except for the requirement to obtain state registration). The owners of online resources will be banned from distributing information that contradicts the Law on Mass Media. If distributors get two and more written warnings regarding the dissemination of information prohibited or restricted by the Belarusian law, the access to media products of this online resource will be limited.