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Lukashenko: Belarus continues realizing potential of Constitution

MINSK (BelTA) - Belarus continues to realize the potential of the Constitution relying on the fundamental values enshrined in the document and to protect the interests of its people, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said as he met with the judges of the Constitutional Court, BelTA learned.

"It is very important that people trust their state. Therefore, I wish to assure you and the people of Belarus that we have always supported and will continue supporting anyone who makes a worthy contribution to the building of a strong, stable and prosperous Belarus,” he said.

“We do not need upheavals and revolutions. We do not allow any kind of extremism in the country. Our people live, learn and work peacefully. The state will continue to create conditions for a free and dignified development of the individual, ensure law and order," the President said.

Alexander Lukashenko emphasized that the stability of the country is ensured primarily by strong power and huge support from an absolute majority of the people.

The President drew attention to the fact that the date of the meeting with the judges was not chosen by chance. These days Belarus is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Constitution of Belarus. "For our young state, the basic law was the main starting point for the development of the national legal system, the guarantee of respect for the rights and legitimate interests of citizens," the President said. According to him, the nationwide referendum in 1996 has strengthened the system of state power, and contributed to the creation of effective public and political tools.

The head of state noted that the adoption of the Constitution was of paramount importance for the development of Belarus. "Much has been done during this period. Those who remember the 1990s can objectively compare the changes and the development of our state,” e President said.

Alexander Lukashenko noted that the Constitutional Court will celebrate its anniversary this year as well. 20 years of its formation and development have shown that it has taken a worthy place in the state system of the country, the President said. He recalled that in 2008, the role of the Constitutional Court was strengthened as its powers, functions and control of the constitutionality of laws were expanded. This year, lawmakers gave it an important legal instrument - the law on the constitutional legal proceedings. Addressing the judges, Alexander Lukashenko noted that he would like to hear an objective assessment of the activity of the Constitutional Court: “The problems that hinder a full-fledged operation of the court are better seen from inside.” The President added that he expects from the judges proposals on additional diplomatic solutions for addressing problems if needed. He stressed that it should be well-thought proposals that take into account the interests of the state and the society.