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Lukashenko: United nation is unconquerable

MINSK (BelTA) – Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko called upon the Belarusian people to remain inseparable and preserve concord in the society. The head of state said it during the inauguration ceremony on 6 November, BelTA has learned.

“The old saying goes: when a nation is united, it is unconquerable. Our history and experience show us to cherish harmony and concord in the society like the apple of one's eye. We should be one inseparable unity, a monolithic organism that is called the “Belarusian people”, the head of state stressed.

Alexander Lukashenko noted: “We should understand the main thing: our future is in our hands. The solution to our own problems can be found, first of all, inside the country.”

According to the President, Belarus will develop only through only hard work, common sense and wisdom. "You, Belarusians, do not take offense with me but I promise to push you when I see that you have started being lazy. There is no way that only the authorities are to be blame for everything while all the others are good. Before you criticize someone, look at yourself and ask whether you have done everything to make sure your family, your relatives, friends, acquaintances and the country be happy and live well. Probably not everything. Let's start with ourselves. If we do, then we will stop talking about reforms. We are just going to live beautifully, and we will not have to do any reforms to scrap the existing political and economic system,” said Alexander Lukashenko.

The President also noted that now a new page has opened in the history of Belarus. "It will be very informative, interesting and incredibly difficult. To successfully move forward, we need to use all our reserves, to show restraint, selflessness, determination, talent. In a word, we need to show our best qualities, the inner spiritual core. Thanks to it our people came out the winner from any situation because they believed in their own strength,” the Belarusian leader said.

"We all want to live well. It is a normal desire, a normal expectation that people have of the authorities. Moreover, we all want to live very well. But I emphasize again: everything depends on us. We work better, we will live life. A simple formula that nobody could have undone,” Alexander Lukashenko concluded.