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Hygienic evaluation of imports in Belarus ‘a temporary measure'

MINSK (BelTA) – The introduction of sanitary and hygienic evaluation of goods, which are imported to Belarus, is a temporary measure, BelTA learned from Igor Gayevsky, Chief Sanitary Doctor of Belarus, on 16 September.

According to the source, once the sanitary and hygienic evaluation of imports has had its effect, the introduction of a different instrument will be considered. In his words, the government is not interested in “cranking up control” too much and placing additional barriers.

Igor Gayevsky stated that the measure is supposed to make sure that only transparent and trackable goods are sold on the market. “Even consumers notice the presence of hard-to-understand products on the market. In the past the consumer would go to a specific store to buy a specific product from a specific manufacturer. Now the consumer just looks at the product and walks away because the product cannot pass even the scrutiny of an amateur,” he explained.

According to Igor Gayevsky, there are solid reasons behind the sanitary and hygienic evaluation of imports. “You just have to buckle up and do what we ask you to do. Things will click into place after that. Those, who will not comply with the requirements, will have to leave. Bona fide traders will stay,” concluded Belarus' chief public health officer.