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Call for important decisions to advance Belarusian science

MINSK (BelTA) – It is necessary to make important decisions in the sphere of science in order to advance and develop Belarusian science. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko made the relevant statement in his speech during the government conference held in the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus on 7 April to discuss problems and prospects of developing Belarusian science, BelTA has learned.

At the beginning of the conference Alexander Lukashenko underlined that the meeting had to be productive. “I would like this conference to produce results. We don't meet that often with you. It may be our loss. It may be necessary to meet with scientists more often, including in this format, in addition to having conferences with administrators. I would like us to once again make all the decisions, which are crucial to the advancement and development of Belarusian science,” he said.

The president noted that before the conference he had familiarized himself with the exhibition of scientific and R&D accomplishments in the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. The exhibition features the latest products of various ministries, government agencies, and Belarusian enterprises. According to the head of state, it is important for these good and even state-of-the-art products not to overshadow the problems that Belarusian science suffers from today.

Alexander Lukashenko said he would like the discussion during the government conference to be open-hearted and specific. He said he would like to hear various points of view on prospects of future development of Belarusian science, including the existing shortcomings. Many problems that plague Belarusian science were thoroughly examined before the conference. A lot of criticism was voiced about the operation of Belarusian science. The head of state also said he wanted problems laid down as they are. He said he wanted to see the real state of affairs instead of silence or sugar coating. “We should not discuss things in a perfunctory manner,” stressed the president. “We should refine the problems that need our attention in order to make consequent important decisions for the future.”

The head of state reminded that back when he was just starting his career as the president, a lot of proposals were voiced concerning the future existence of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Proposals to shut it down were made among other things. Back then Alexander Lukashenko decided to keep developing the academy instead of destroying it. Life has demonstrated the correctness of this decision.

The Belarus president urged participants of the conference to discuss in a precise and businesslike manner how much the current system for managing and operating Belarusian science lives up to requirements of the modern world.