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Belarus, Egypt to advance each other's foreign trade interests in economic unions

CAIRO (BelTA) – Belarus and Egypt have agreed to advance each other's foreign trade interests in the economic unions the countries belong to, BelTA learned from the joint declaration signed by Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko and Egypt President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi after negotiations on 15 January.

Taking into account the overall drive towards stronger Belarusian-Egyptian relations, the sides have decided to take mutually beneficial cooperation to the next level. In particular, the countries have agreed to work together on signing the agreement on free trade between the Eurasian Economic Union and its member states as one party and Egypt as the other party.

Belarus and Egypt will mutually support each other in advancing their foreign trade interests in the economic associations, of which the two countries are members.

The heads of state have come to an agreement that economic cooperation is the driving force behind Belarusian-Egyptian relations. This is why the sides are ready to step up trade in competitive products, provided market rules are observed. The sides are also ready to mutually simplify bilateral trade terms in a bid to increase the trade volume in a balanced manner.

Apart from that, Egypt approves of Belarus' intention to get the observer status in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.