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Belarus' budget for 2019 to sharpen focus on social matters

MINSK (BelTA) – Belarus' budget for 2019 will have even a greater focus on social matters than in the previous years, Chairman of the House of Representatives of Belarus Vladimir Andreichenko has told the STV channel, BelTA has learned.

“MPs do not treat any matters as secondary. Our consolidated budget for the forthcoming year nears Br37 billion. You know that about 10% of budgetary funds that we used to spend on supporting industrial enterprises will be earmarked for social matters. Next year the social focus of the budget will be even bigger than in the previous years,” Vladimir Andreichenko said.

MPs are actively working to amend the Tax Code. “The president set a task to streamline it and make it more comprehensible. I cannot say that we have fulfilled this task 100%. However, we have made a considerable step forward. Maybe, certain things will still have to be fine-tuned,” Vladimir Andreichenko said.

He emphasized that most of the bills that are being scrutinized by the MPs have to do with the goal to increase the country's GDP to $100 billion by 2020. Therefore, these bills are aimed at supporting SMEs, raising investment, etc. “We have ratified a number of agreements designed to raise investment. This will help boost our gross domestic product, create new jobs, increase budget revenues and raise salaries,” Vladimir Andreichenko said.