/ / / / Requirements to the articles for inclusion into the scientific and practical journal "Pravo.by”

Requirements to the articles for inclusion into the scientific and practical journal "Pravo.by”

1. Articles accepted for publication, must be 8-12 pages long (with single spacing).

2. Language of the journal has to be – Russian and Belarusian, articles in English are accepted too (they will be published in Russian language). The journal is published only in Russian or Belarusian. Articles in English are accepted, though they will be translated and published in Russian.

3. The Submission format:

  • Margins – 20 mm.
  • Font Times New Roman, size - 14, 1-spaced.
  • On the top of the first page, in the center, position the title (in Russian and in English) in semi-bold capital letters, followed by a blank line. Starting from the center of the page, flush left, include the first initials and last names of the author(s) in Russian and in English, along with their organization, post, academic status and academic degree using a separate line for each author.
  • Next, after a blank line, an abstract (summary) of the article is required – in Russian and in English (size 12, italics).
  • Include another blank line and then the main text.

4. Pictures are to be placed into the text in JPG, BMP or WMF formats after their first reference in the text. Every picture shall have a caption that is placed underneath it. If there is more than one picture in the text, then each should be numbered with Arabian numbers (for example, “Pic.2”). The number is placed in front of the title.

Automatic endnotes and regular notes are not admitted.

The file shall be submitted in RTF or Word format.

The last page should include the telephone number and e-mail address of the author (authors).

Articles are not returned.

Phone number of the editorial board: +375 17 279 99 48, fax: +375 17 279 99 09