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Distinguished Belarusians honored with state awards29 April 2017 Lukashenko, Poroshenko honor memory of Chernobyl clean-up workers29 April 2017 Belarus in favor of supranational security strategies29 April 2017 Lukashenko stresses importance of people's unity for preserving Belarus' sovereignty21 April 2017 Belarus government vows to minimize interference with private business operation18 April 2017 Andreichenko: Belarusian lawmakers view China as a priority partner17 April 2017 Legislation to improve business operation terms in Belarus up for public discussion13 April 2017 Belarus president signs package of documents to advance Eurasian integration12 April 2017 Lukashenko: Br1,000 per month is the minimum we need to help people earn12 April 2017 Belarus, China eager to enhance cooperation in crime prevention10 April 2017