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Lukashenko to meet with media, community leaders on 1 March27 February 2019 Belarus considering changes in conscription rules26 February 2019 Good dynamics in Belarus-Kyrgyzstan relations praised25 February 2019 Government approved Regulations on the procedure for holding fairs in Belarus25 February 2019 Lukashenko holds session to discuss demographic situation, family support20 February 2019 Lukashenko: Belarus will always be a reliable partner for the EU19 February 2019 Belarus ratified Agreement with the Russian Federation concerning entry of foreign nationals for international sports events18 February 2019 Lukashenko: Belarus-Russia relations are unshakable14 February 2019 Government approved the plan on development of draft laws in 201911 February 2019 NBRB's efforts to ensure financial stability in Belarus praised7 February 2019