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Belarus pursues predictable foreign policy4 August 2020 Government approved state programs of scientific research for 2021-20253 August 2020 Preparations for Belarus president's address to nation, parliament discussed30 July 2020 Support for real sector identified as key area of Belarusian government's work29 July 2020 Decision to develop reliable national security system in Belarus hailed as the right one29 July 2020 Belarus ratified Free Trade Agreement between the Eurasian Economic Union and the Republic of Singapore27 July 2020 Belarus PM: Timely decisions amid pandemic helped keep national economy running24 July 2020 Lukashenko names key task for authorities 23 July 2020 Belarus prime minister: Time to move on to matters of strategic development 22 July 2020 Call on Russia to be locomotive in post-Soviet space 20 July 2020