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Lukashenko instructs to provide Belarus' healthcare system with advanced equipment30 October 2019 Lukashenko demands new anti-drug measures29 October 2019 Belarus ratified Treaty with Poland on social security28 October 2019 Belarus, Kazakhstan prioritize industrial cooperation in bilateral relations25 October 2019 Belarus puts forward cooperation proposals to Cuba23 October 2019 Belarus president gives interview to Kazakhstan's top news agency ahead of official visit22 October 2019 Belarus, Russia's Sverdlovsk Oblast urged to step up industrial cooperation21 October 2019 Government approved Regulations on the procedure for visiting the visa-free territory "Brest-Grodno" by citizens of certain countries21 October 2019 Lukashenko sets goals before Belarus' Academy of Public Administration18 October 2019 Lukashenko suggests new projects to Russia's Novgorod Oblast17 October 2019