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Lukashenko: Belarus, Russia are united in defending truth about Great Victory30 June 2020 Lukashenko wants universities to train multidisciplinary specialists with IT skills29 June 2020 Government approved a new edition of the Visa Rules of the Republic of Belarus29 June 2020 Lukashenko: Proposed constitutional amendments are not resolute enough26 June 2020 Labor pensions to increase in Belarus from 1 July22 June 2020 Belarus' sovereignty viewed as undeniable factor22 June 2020 Lukashenko adamant about correctness of Belarus' coronavirus response strategy20 June 2020 Belarus' central bank urged to reduce refinancing rate19 June 2020 Lukashenko: There is no greater value than sovereign, independent Belarus19 June 2020 COVID-19 patients will receive free medicines18 June 2020