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Russian corporation VEB.RF encouraged to more actively cooperate with Belarus30 September 2022 Lukashenko receives credentials of foreign ambassadors30 September 2022 Lukashenko visits historical places on north-eastern Black Sea coast, meets with Aslan Bzhania29 September 2022 Bill on Belarusian People's Congress discussed at Council of Republic28 September 2022 Belarus' budget 2023 to focus on social guarantees, essential public expenses27 September 2022 Lukashenko: Belarus, Russia were predicted to fall, but we keep going fearlessly26 September 2022 Belarus signs convention on easier border crossing for trains26 September 2022 Lukashenko in favor of patriotic education from young age23 September 2022 Belarus' PM reviews results of government delegation's visit to Kazan, Ufa22 September 2022 Lukashenko looks forward to further cooperation with China's CITIC Construction22 September 2022