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Lukashenko: Chernobyl-hit regions in Belarus are back to life30 April 2024 Belarusian President comments on changes in rules for individual entrepreneurs30 April 2024 Agreement on CIS coordinating forensics council approved29 April 2024 Lukashenko hears out reports from Belarusian People’s Congress leadership29 April 2024 Sergeyenko: Belarusian People’s Congress will solve the country’s development challenges29 April 2024 New law on entrepreneurial activity establishes level playing field in Belarus’ market29 April 2024 Belarus' Constitutional Court marks 30th anniversary29 April 2024 Belarusian People’s Congress approves National Security Concept, Military Doctrine25 April 2024 Belarusian People’s Congress’s session over, decisions signed by elected chairman25 April 2024 Lukashenko sees Belarusian People’s Congress as powerful constitutional body25 April 2024