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Lukashenko talks about prongs of attack against Belarusian society30 July 2021 Belarus' social, economic development program for 2021–2025 passed29 July 2021 Lukashenko approves appointment of consuls general in Munich, New York29 July 2021 Lukashenko to meet with journalists, members of general public on 9 August28 July 2021 Belarus hopes to promote development of nuclear technologies27 July 2021 Rising global food prices seen as additional economic opportunity for Belarus23 July 2021 Belarus plans to set up national operator for radioactive waste management22 July 2021 Lukashenko: Belarus' foreign policy strategy should be revised20 July 2021 Lukashenko gives interview to Sky News Arabia19 July 2021 Lukashenko: Slavianski Bazaar has fitted into cultural calendar of many nations16 July 2021