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Belarus introduces quotas for import of pork, poultry meat in 202330 November 2022 Lukashenko bids farewell to late Vladimir Makei29 November 2022 Belarus' main monetary management guidelines for 2023 approved28 November 2022 Lukashenko reveals major topic in talks with Putin21 November 2022 Belarus-Russia draft agreement on spent nuclear fuel management okayed18 November 2022 Lukashenko praises Belarus' bumper grain harvest this year18 November 2022 CEC: Bill to amend Belarus' Electoral Code will be soon submitted to Parliament17 November 2022 Snopkov: Belarus' Hi-Tech Park is up to any task17 November 2022 Lukashenko: Hi-Tech Park should work primarily for Belarus17 November 2022 Belarus' foreign trade surplus at $4bn in January-September16 November 2022