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Certain International Financial Reporting Standards and their Interpretations to be effective in Belarus as technical normative legal acts from 1 January 202030 September 2019 Lukashenko holds meeting to discuss duty free trade24 September 2019 Lukashenko: Belarus should beef up security amid external political challenges23 September 2019 President approved draft Readmission Agreement between the European Union and Belarus23 September 2019 Lukashenko: People should benefit from economic growth19 September 2019 Lukashenko: We will do everything to develop relations between Belarus, United States18 September 2019 Lukashenko expects new parliament to represent all strata of Belarusian society16 September 2019 Government approved Agreement with CIS member states in the field of fundamental research16 September 2019 Belarus interested in further development of friendly relations with UAE13 September 2019 Lukashenko receives credentials of 12 ambassadors, EU representative12 September 2019